Giving Back

Light Insights promises to give back a portion of time, equity, and product to the global community.  After all, fulfilling our aspirations is impossible without our societal predecessors. We feel indebted to pay it back, and even pay it forward.

From our formative days, Light Insights has been dedicated to giving back to the community in whatever reasonable means available.  A portion of the revenues from the strategy consultancy will be utilized to establish a food truck service for collecting leftover, edible food and preparing and serving meals to the needy and hungry.

Next, the investment branch, fueled by the Duke Graduate Student Villas, will establish a scholarship program and create work-study opportunities for students. Finally, the analytics branch will give back through the application of our growth learning algorithm to charitable or nonprofit uses for public parks, schools, police stations, and religious organizations.

Light Insights encourages you to join our efforts; take a pledge to make an impact in your community through charitable contributions and volunteering.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sun Tzu

Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: you can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

Warren Buffett

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa